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Mototech is a growing Australian retailer, specializing in KTM bikes, parts, servicing and maintenance. Although this family business operates out of a central Geelong and Mildura showroom, the company’s innovative, easy to use OEM parts finder allows them to supply customers throughout Australia.

Moto Tech has only highly skilled employees, whose individual experience ranges from 10 to 40+ years in the motorcycle industry. Whether you’re looking for a junior ride, entry level bike, or moving up to the advanced ranks, Moto Tech staff have the expertise to advise you on the right bike for your purpose and budget.

The integrity and customer service of this family business also extends to their large client base of mechanics and avid DIY enthusiasts. Moto Tech is committed to taking any necessary steps to ensure you have the parts needed to optimize your bike’s performance. The online search allows you to access extensive product databases, and parts are delivered to your home or workshop – leaving you more time for tinkering!

For a company that’s driven by a passion for motorcycles, trust Moto Tech for your KTM parts, bikes and servicing.