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2017 DUKE 690-R

The new 690 DUKE is also available as an 'R' version for model year 2017, distinguished by a full 75 hp of durable maximum power. Among others, the extra horsepower is a result of the 690 DUKE R's high quality Akrapovic silencer. In addition, there are Brembo Monoblock braking calipers, managed by lean angle sensitive ABS, and a fully adjustable WP suspension that also allows even greater lean angles than the 690 DUKE. The 690 DUKE R comes as standard with MSC including lean angle sensitive Traction Control (MTC), Motor Slip Regulation (MSR) and a Supermoto mode at its core. Of course the 'R' also benefits from everything that is new about the 690 DUKE, like the KTM Ride Mode Technology, the new TFT display and the upgraded steering geometry. Great-looking parts like the cutting edge LED indicators and racy pillion seat cover round off the 'R' package. Insiders recognize the 690 DUKE R at the first glance by its wheels and frame in the typical KTM Orange.

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