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Developed and tested in the most grueling conditions such as Dakar, the Tech-Air® Off-Road System combines Alpinestars’ Bionic Pro Protection Jacket with Tech-Air® technology and a Rally-dedicated crash detection algorithm to deliver proven, off-road specific protection to the back, chest, shoulders, collarbones and neck.
Although tough enough to tackle the world’s toughest rallies, this system has three riding modes, RALLY, ENDURO and STREET, making it the perfect choice for tackling every type of off-road riding, whatever the terrain.

Tech-Air® Off-Road Airbag System Specification

A fully self-contained, standalone system; 3 accelerometers (1-tri-axial accelerometer) and 3 gyroscopes (1 tri-axial gyroscope) are integrated in the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to provide best crash monitoring performance and active airbag protection in a variety of dynamic off-road riding scenarios. No external sensors are required for the system to operate.
Robust internal housing located in the built-in CE-certified Nucleon CELL Back Protector accommodates the system’s ECU and gas inflator canisters, allowing Tech- Air® Off-Road to be worn with any Alpinestars Tech-Air® Ready jacket.
Quick cover opening for rapid canister replacement by user.
The Tech-Air® Off-Road System’s ECU and airbag are completely removable so that the Protection Jacket can be washed separately.
The Tech-Air® Off-Road System’s ECU is seal-protected within vest to ensure the all-weather performance and the vest and componentry are certified to function between -10 C and 50 C.
The ECU has been homologated to ECE R10 04 which ensures the electromagnetic integrity and stability of the unit.
The Tech-Air® Off-Road System uses an integrated, certified lithium-ion battery, with a fully charged battery life of 30 hours and a recharge time of approximately 4 hours.
Integrated LED display monitors the System’s status and battery level.
Ease of use; to turn on the Tech-Air® OFF-ROAD System, zip up the System and it will automatically turn on and activate the Airbag System. To deactivate the airbag, unzip the System and it will automatically turn off.
Bluetooth connectivity to a Tech-Air® App means the system’s operational status, battery status and MyRide can all be accessed.
The App can also update the system’s firmware when improved crash-detection algorithms are released.
The System comes equipped with a USB charger and a Type C USB port that allows for quick, easy and convenient recharging.
FIM Homologated for race use.


Proven to be more than twice as protective as passive impact protectors.
Dual inflators deliver two deployments for guaranteed protection. ( One deployment only in 2XL+ sizes due to capacity)
Average inflation time of just 50 milliseconds (40ms for the smaller sizes and up to a max of 60ms for the largest 2XL).
Increased airbag coverage on back, shoulders, chest and ribs for complete upper body protection.
Neck protection is provided by the airbag inflating around the neck.
The integrated Nucleon CELL Back Protector is light, flexible and highly ventilated for enhanced performance, and features an ergonomic plate construction for structural strength and a fit to follow the natural contours of the back.
The Tech-Air® Off-Road System is Category II CE Certified to the 686/89/EEC European PPE Directive, using a version of EN1621- 4:2013, which guarantees impact protection performance from within 25 milliseconds to 5 seconds of full pressure inflation.
Neck protectors are NOT compatible with the Tech-Air® Off-Road System.

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